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ten10 studios

A production house for multimedia and branding work


It all started when…

Ten10 Studios is the creative umbrella of the visual artist and photographer Jesse Winter. A production house for multimedia and branding work, as well as a photography studio where Jesse captures portraits of business people, performers, actors, musicians and brands. "First of all it’s my HQ. I wouldn’t have the studio if it wasn’t for my wife Melissa. It’s a creative space and building, but it’s also an organism on it’s own. It had a life before me and it can become a work of art, or a place to work on art. It’s also a brand and concept. Within its walls is a space for accessing the spirits which relate to us from beyond the physical and into the meta physical. It’s also a place to store my stuff and listen to music”. 

Jesse Winter is a visual artist rooted in portraiture in a variety of applications including: interiors, architecture, and documentary photography. His list of clients includes: Bloomberg, NBC, Ralph Lauren, Wall Street Journal, Esquire, Vibe, Discover, and Nature. Jesse’s work had been published in The New York Times, New York Magazine and PDN.

"Since I was a child I used to draw and was inspired by a particular artist for MAD magazine, named Sam Viviano. I loved his style”, Jesse says. Soon he started writing scripts for theatre and became obsessed with Cinema. "I got a camera in college when I was studying literature and started photography then, but most of my life has been driven by the creative spirit, consuming and producing it”. 

Jesse’s work honors both exceptional and notorious people, as well as the silent and lesser-known. “I’ve had the opportunity to photography some exceptional people and I’ve had the chance to shoot with strangers and good friends alike. I’m most proud of the things I’ve done for no reason other than to follow my heart, and also when I’ve made an image someone cherishes enough to put on their wall and display in a personal space. I have the opportunity to give someone something so unique and personal that it will exist in a singular way in their life without imitation”, Jesse explains. "Photography fulfills my need to create and connect with new people and places. Art is especially important in the human experience to enable people to understand each other, build empathy, and learn what is sublime in this existence, both visual and non-visual”.